Our Story


Paul Duesing is an explorer, a story teller, a historian and a fearless curator of the unknown. Each of our collections are an insider’s guide into a specific region and culture, and together they form a powerful narrative of casual elegance within a deep sense of adventure.

Paul uses his collection to share entire experiences within unique hand-made objects for your home. During his travels designing 5 star resorts, he dives not only into the history and artwork of an area but also sources the right talent in the most unusual places.


By interpreting styles and redefining traditional application, Paul combines textures, patterns and artwork indigenous to an area with the skills of local artisans. Working only with the highest quality materials and finest craftsman, the end product has always proven to be something wholly new, entirely authentic and infinitely intriguing.


It’s the answer to numerous requests he receives from resort guests who want to own something that caught their eye. The stylish sensibilities of his collection range from extravagant, eccentric, and exotic to fun, modern, and hip.


We hope to be in the homes of fellow travelers looking for something uncommon that is as luxury as it is comfortable and tells the story of a life well lived.

Our History


Paul Duesing, a Dallas-based Architectural and Interior Designer, has spent over half of his life traveling the world and immersing himself in far-off cultures. He has fashioned luxury resort properties globally, with boundless dedication to each project. His philosophy is deeply personal and respectful. Paul dives into the culture of the surrounding area to ensure that the details of every project reflect the local lifestyle, culture and history.

Our Values


  • Exploration. We are not just travelers, we are explorers, using each location to find and source one of a kind pieces that speak to people.

  • Authenticity. We only provide authentic products that are true to the area they originate from and beautifully represent the people of a culture.

  • Character. Our products are crafted by the best artisans from around the globe instead of a manufacturing plant. Each individual piece is slightly different as it is constructed by the perfectly imperfect human hand.

  • Quality. All our products are comprised of the finest local materials with an unmatched attention to detail.

  • Intrigue. We create pieces people will talk about; as interesting as the places they come from. Whether it is different application of a common object or made from unique materials, we hope in everything to surprise and delight.

Our Style


Indigenous Elegance. Our collection is built to display entire experiences and cultures into unique objects. Together, these objects build an environment of casual elegance that tell authentic stories from all over the globe.

A key element to our uncommon style is our partnerships with local artisans from around the world. During his travels, Paul scours through nearby markets, shop and back roads to find unique local artists creating something brilliantly.


Our products are not a fabrication of the beautiful items he discovers, but instead made by the very same artisans. By combining skills and artistic components from multiple craftsman, Paul creates unique perfectly imperfect goods that tell the story of an area.


“We work to expose what other countries can offer through their own resources, and we truly believe the real expression of love for a place is having something authentic to remember it by.”


Paul Duesing is dedicated to connecting local artisanal handicraftsman and materials to his projects. His sense of style has been influenced by his work in Africa, Mexico, England, South America and the United States. The inspiration behind each hand-crafted item stems from a personal experience whether it be reminiscent of classical Georgian architecture or a romp on the beach. He invites you to embellish your sense of style with his DLL creations.

Our Promise

We will source and design interesting pieces from the locations we visit all over the world. Using the finest artisans of the area, we hope to bring authentic insight into exotic locations, fill people’s homes with unique hand-made object and tell the stories of our adventures.